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Citizen's Auxiliary Hospital (Louisville, KY)

The Citizen's Auxiliary Hospital was built by the faculty of the Louisville National Medical College. The two-story brick building, which cost $50,000, was built on Green Street a few blocks from the college.

The hospital was built to enhance the clinical training of those enrolled in the college and was viewed as a benefit to the poor in need of medical attention and medication. All services were free, and the hospital could treat up to 40 patients at one time. Mr. McCurdy was the hospital steward and Dr. Sarah H. Fitzbutler was the matron.

The hospital closed in 1911, the college in 1912. The hospital facility was used for the Simmons College Nursing Department.

For more see the "Auxiliary Hospital" entry in Weeden's History of the Colored People of Louisville, by H. C. Weeden; History of Higher Education in Kentucky, by A. F. Lewis [available at Google Books]; and T. L. Savitt, "Four African-American proprietary medical colleges: 1888-1923," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, vol. 55 (July 2000), pp. 203-255.

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