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Olive, Lewis Cortez, Jr.

(born: October 27, 1930  -  died: November 20, 2006) Lewis C. Olive, Jr. was one of the first African Americans from Kentucky to be appointed to West Point Military Academy. New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell appointed Olive to West Point, and he graduated from West Point in 1955. His graduation was the same year that Julius E. Price, Sr. was appointed to West Point by Kentucky Senator Earle C. Clements. Lewis Olives' appointment predated that of Julius Price, Sr. who was one of the first African Americans in Kentucky to be appointed by a Kentucky Congressman. James Phillip Holland, from Bowling Green, was appointed in 1954 to West Point by Republican Senator John Sherman Cooper with a recommendation by Kentucky State College President R. B. Atwood. Holland chose to attend Kentucky State University instead. 

Lewis C. Olive, Jr. accepted his appoint to West Point. He was born in Louisville, KY, the son of Lewis Sr. and Catherine Brown Olive. He was a 1949 graduate of Central High School and received the Bausch & Lomb honorary science award. He was also considered a track star in high school. He broke the freshman track record while attending the University of California, Berkley for three semesters. He next attended the Military Academy preparatory school in Newburg, NY, where he won a national junior Amateur Athletic Union 1,000 yard race. He also played football at the school.

Starting in July of 1951, Lewis C. Olive, Jr. attended West Point. In December of 1951, he received the Army Commendation Ribbon for helping to rescue several persons in a burning building in Syracuse, NY. In 1952, Olive was considered an Olympic track prospect, and he was hoping to become a member of the 1956 U.S. Olympic track team running the mile. His best time in 1953 was 4:11. The American record was 4:02:4 held by Wes Santee of Kansas. Lewis C. Olive, Jr. was the first African American captain of the West Point track team. He did not make the Olympics, but was All-American and held the school record for the mile.

In June of 1955, Lewis C. Olive, Jr. became one of the few African Americans from Kentucky to graduate from West Point Military Academy. [Charles D. Young was the first African American from Kentucky to graduate from West Point.] After his graduation, First Lt. Lewis C. Olive, Jr. was with the Strategic Air Command of the U.S. Air Force. In 1966, he was a captain and had been in the Air Force for 11 years. He received a number of recognitions. In 1971, Olive was no longer in the military, and he served as the Director of Veteran Affairs for the National Urban League. Louis C. Olive, Jr. was living in New York when he died in 2006.

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