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Moxley, George L.

(born: 1865) 

George L. Moxley was said to be born in Kentucky around 1865. Though, most sources give New York as his birth location. Moxley was a tenor singer, stage manager, interlocutor, and minstrel performer. On occasion he passed for white while working with companies such as the Elk's Minstrels. He began singing in public at the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876.

In 1892, Moxley was living in Logansport, IN, where he was to take part in colored cake walk, and later, he would be singing Chosen Friends entertainment. Professor Moxley, as he was often called, was mentioned often in the Logansport newspaper with his benefits and concerts. Moxley sometimes performed with his wife. He was an active member of the community and belonged to Salesmen's Union #6 and the Logansport Barber's Union. Moxley was the only "colored" delegate at the 1892 State Convention of the Federation held in Logansport. He was elected the guide for the Barber's Union.

In September of 1892, George L. Moxley left Logansport, IN, for Chicago when he joined the Sheppard & Young Minstrel Company. By age 70, in 1935, Moxley was said to be telling fortunes in Texas. Moxley was known for getting into precarious situations such as fine dining without a cent to his name, from which he was able to talk his way out. 

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