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Jackson, John Henry

(born: 1850  -  died: 1919) 

Educated at Berea College, John H. Jackson was the last African American professor hired at the school before its 1904 segregation. He was the first president of the State Association of Colored Teachers [later named the Kentucky Negro Educational Association], first president of State Normal School for Colored Persons [now Kentucky State University], president of Lincoln High Schools in Kansas City, MO, and author of History of Education: from the Greeks to present time. He was the son of Jordon C. Jackson, Sr., a well-known businessman, and James Ann Jackson, and he was the brother of Jordan C. Jackson, Jr. John H. Jackson was born in Lexington, KY. Limited information about John H. Jackson can be found at Kentucky State University Library and the Office of the President Records, a Kentucky Digital Library webpage. 


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