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Jackson, Alberta Robert Ewing Burke Myers

(born: August 6, 1901  -  died: June 27, 1985) 

Military Branch

Women's Army Corps

Active Duty Entered

August 28, 1943

Active Duty Exit

October 26, 1945


Alberta R. Ewing Jackson was married when she enlisted in the Army in Buffalo, NY, according to her record in the National Archives, Access to Archival Databases. She was living in Buffalo at the time. She was born in Louisville, KY, the daughter of Alberta Kean and Henry Ewing. Her parents had married January 2, 1896, and they were divorced in October of 1908. They had three daughters: Fanny, Ouida, and Alberta. By 1910, her mother had remarried (Mrs. Alberta S. Jackson) and the family was living in Hounsfield, NY, where her mother managed a restaurant and her step-father was a soldier. The three daughters were all listed with the last name Jackson when the family was enumerated in the 1910 U.S. Census. The daughters' father, Henry Ewing, remained in Louisville, KY.

Ten years later, Alberta S. Jackson, her husband Frank Jackson, and the girls were living in Queens, NY. The youngest daughter, Alberta R. Ewing is referred to in the 1920 U.S. Census as Alberta R. Jackson, Jr. She was employed as a store clerk and was living with her mother and step-father, and a boarder. Five years later, Alberta R. Ewing, married John Myers on July 13, 1925. They were married in Cleveland, OH. This was her second marriage; her previously married name was Alberta Burke. Ten years later, Alberta Myers was no longer married and in the 1930 U.S. Census, her name is listed again as Alberta Jackson. She was living with her widowed mother and her sister Ouida [Ewing] Jackson, in Cleveland, OH. Her sister Ouida was a nurse doing private duty.

A few years later, Alberta R. Ewing had married again. On January 11, 1938, she married musician Raymond E. Jackson in Buffalo, NY. He is sometimes misidentified as white in the census records and other documents. The couple is enumerated in the 1940 U.S. Census. In 1936, Raymond E. Jackson had been appointed the National Investigator for the American Federation of Musicians, he was a traveling representative. Alberta R. Jackson was employed as a salesperson in Buffalo, NY. She enlisted in the Army in 1943. After her military service, she moved to California.

Alberta R. Jackson was included in her mother's obituary as living in Buffalo, NY [though she was actually living in California at the time]. Her mother, Albert S. Jackson, died in 1948. Her mother had been living in Fresno, CA, with her daughter Ouida. Her mother was buried in New York.

Alberta R. Jackson was also living in Fresno, CA. She arrived in 1946, without her husband. In 1949, she was employed as an office secretary for E. R. Meyers. She had been in Fresno for 39 years when she died in 1985. She had owned Alberta's Gift Shop. She had been a nurse at the Veterans Hospital. During WWII she was with the Nurses Army Corps. Alberta Robert Ewing Burke Myers Jackson is buried in Belmont Memorial Park in Fresno.

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