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Buckner, Harry Edward

(born: October 22, 1876  -  died: March 26, 1938) Harry E. Buckner was a trainer for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team from 1920-1938. He is included in several pictures of the team. "Doc" is one of the many names he was given. Harry E. Buckner was a brother to William Buckner who was a trainer with the Chicago White Sox baseball team. Both men made their home in Chicago. The brothers were two of a few African Americans trainers with white baseball teams; baseball teams were segregated during this period. See Paul Tenpenny's  2010 article for more on Harry E. Buckner's career as a trainer and his career as a baseball player in the Negro League from 1896-1918: Borchert Field: Out of the Shadows, 01/02/2010 (online). 

Harry E. Buckner was born in Hopkinsville, KY. Once he became a baseball player, he traveled with a number of teams. He was a tremendous athlete on the baseball field and played in the positions of pitcher, catcher, outfielder, and shortstop. He played for the Chicago Unions, Columbia Giants, Philadelphia Giants, Cuban X Giants, Quaker Giants, Brooklyn Royal Giants, New York Lincoln Giants, Chicago Giants, Mohawk Giants, the Smart Set, and a few other teams. When his playing days were over, Harry E. Buckner became a trainer with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1920. In 1938, he had a bad heart and was on his way home to Chicago when he died. Harry E. Buckner was the husband of Dora Buckner.

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