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Pikeville Colored Branch Library (Pike County, KY)

The Pikeville Colored Branch Library opened in 1945 in the Perry Cline Colored School. School principal William R. Cummings served as the librarian and selected books for the library from the Pikeville Public Library. The library was a short-lived venture; a disagreement between the school and the public library led to the colored library being closed in 1946. William R. Cummings left the Perry Cline Colored School for a teaching job in Dayton, OH [source: KNEA Journal, November 1945, v.17, no.1, p.26]. The Red Robin Library in Robin, KY, provided services to Negroes beginning in 1945, the library was owned by the Eastern Coal Company. No annual reports were received from the library after 1946. For more see Library Service to African Americans in Kentucky by R. F. Jones; "[Kentucky] Library Annual Report" for 1945 submitted to the Kentucky Library Extension Division from the Pikeville Public Library, and the report submitted from the Red Robin Library.

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