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Muir, Florence G. Anderson

(born: 1891  -  died: 1932) 

In 1915, Florence Anderson was the first African American to be appointed State Supervisor of Colored Rural Schools in Kentucky. She was born in Louisville, KY, and was a graduate of Louisville Central High School, Lincoln University, and Hampton Institute [now Hampton University]. Anderson had been a domestic science instructor at Denton Institute in Maryland in 1911. She was next a domestic science instructor at Tuskegee Institute, and she left that post in 1913 to teach domestic science at the Colored Institute held in Hopkinsville, KY, during Summer School. In 1914, Anderson was a teacher at State University [Simmons College, KY], and later a school supervisor in Winchester, KY.

She had been a school teacher again in Maryland, before returning to Kentucky in 1915 to become State Supervisor of Colored Rural Schools. By 1916, Anderson had been replaced as Supervisor of the Colored Rural Schools; she married James Walter Muir, August 30, 1916 [source: The Southern Workman, October 1916, v.45, no.10, p.580]. Florence Anderson, located in Clark County, was a member of the first class of Home Demonstration Agents in Kentucky along with four other African American women:  Lula Coleman in Daviess County, and Julia Melton and Mollie Poston in Christian County, and Ella B. Taylor, in Fayette County [source: "Recognition of African American women at the University of Kentucky," p.1]. 

Florence G. Anderson was the daughter of Dr. Charles W. Anderson, Sr. (1865-1931) and Mildred Saunders Anderson. She was an older sister of Kentucky's first African American legislator, Charles W. Anderson, Jr. Florence G. Anderson Muir died in Fayette County, KY, on June 16, 1932 [source: Kentucky Certificate of Death Registered No.519]. 

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