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Colored Lodges - Louisville, KY

An early listing of the Colored lodges in Louisville, KY, can be found in Caron's Annual Directory of the City of Louisville for 1872. The lodges are listed at the end of the list of white lodges under the heading "Secret and Benevolent Societies." There is also a note on pp. 47 and 48: [These Lodges claim to work under a Dispensation from the Grand Lodge of England.]

Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons
  • Mount Moriah Lodge No. 1 - meets on Third Street, southeast corner of Market Street. Moses Lawson, Master; Thomas Mead, S. W.; Isaac Colbert, J. W.; N. B. Rogers, Treasurer; and William H. Gibson, Secretary
  • St. Thomas Lodge No. 2. George A. Schaefer, Master; Octavius Young, S. W.; John Bullock, J. W.; Hampshire Comack, Treasurer, Alexander Provett, Secretary
  • Meriwether Lodge No. 2. George Taylor, Master; Q. B. Jones, S. W.; Thomas J. Johnson, J. W.; N. Bonaparte, Treasurer; M. J. Davis, Secretary; Washington Lewis, Tyler
  • Grand Lodge of Kentucky. John C. N. Fowles, Grand Master; George A. Schaefer, Grand Secretary
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  • Grand United Order of Odd Fellows - meets on Third Street, southeast corner of Market Street.
  • Union No. 1341. B. Preston, N. G.; James Stepney, V. G.; C. Bazel, O. G.; Edward Williams, N. F.; E. Adams, P. S.; H. M. Cephas, E. S.; Thomas Cross, Chaplain; F. Kirkman, Treasurer
  • St. John's No. 1364. N. Thompson, N. G.; William Bell, V. G.; Alfred Hill, Secretary; Oscar Bell, N.P.; J. H. Johnson, P. S.
  • St. Luke No. 1371. Bascom Pinnell, N. G.; George Mathews, V. G.; W. H. Lawson, P. S.; Frank Gray, Chaplain, J. H. Davis, Treasurer
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