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Southern Press Association [Negro newspapers]

The Southern Press Association (SPA) [Negro newspapers] was an impromptu organization formed during a gathering at the Atlanta Independent on June 30, 1905 (not to be confused with the Southern Press Association for white-owned newspapers). The organization was said to be the suggestion of John H. Murphy, editor of the Afro-American Ledger (Baltimore). During the 1905 meeting, Murphy was named president of the Southern Press Association (SPA). There were two members from Kentucky: W. H. Steward, editor of the American Baptist, was named second vice president; and R. T. Berry, editor of the Kentucky Reporter, was a member of the executive committee. Ida B. Wells-Barnett was also a member of the organization.

The SPA office was located at 126 1/2 S. Pryor Street in Atlanta, GA,; SPA Secretary, B. J. Davis of the Atlanta Independent was in charge of the office. Members of the American Press Association [Negro newspapers] questioned why the SPA had been formed, and Ida B. Wells-Barnett was criticized for not explaining the reason for the formation of the organization. The SPA was a short-lived organization.

For more see "Press association organized," Baltimore Afro-American, 07/29/1905, p. 5; and "Ida B. Wells-Barnett," vol. 15, in Black Women in United States History, by D. C. Hine.

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