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"Petition of Colored People of [Owensboro] Kentucky"

In July 1867, Chief Agent A. W. Lawvill of the Bureau Refugees, Freemen and Abandoned Lands; forwarded a petition to Congress from the Colored people of Owensboro, KY concerning unjust taxation by state authorities.

African Americans were being taxed $4 while Whites were taxed $2. The complaint also addressed the issue of the school trustees being given the power to decide if there would be a school for Colored children. The petition was signed by 52 African Americans from Owensboro, KY.
more see House of Representatives, Ex. Doc. No. 70, 40th Congress, 2nd Session: Freedman and Taxation: Communication from the Commissioner of Freemen's Affairs, Petition of colored people of Kentucky in relation to unjust taxation by State authority.

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