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Rosenwald Schools in Kentucky

Between 1917 and 1932, more than 155 new Rosenwald facilities were constructed in over half the counties in Kentucky. Logan County had the most facilities: 8 Rosenwald schools and a library. Overall, Kentucky used very little of the Rosenwald Fund - Kentucky (3%), Maryland (3%), Florida (2%), and Missouri (0%) utilized the least amounts of the Rosenwald Funds of the 15 states building Rosenwald Schools. The effort behind the schools was the result of the collaboration between African American education leader Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald, a German-Jewish immigrant who owned Sears, Roebuck and Co. Rosenwald schools were built throughout the South, and for African American children the schools greatly increased the opportunity for an education in a modern building. For more see Rosenwald schools in Kentucky, 1917-1932, and Rosenwald Schools in Kentucky, Exhibit Guide [includes map of school locations], both by A. Turley-Adams; and J. S. McCormick, "The Julius Rosenwald Fund," Journal of Negro Education, vol. 3, issue 4 (Oct. 1934), pp. 605-626. See also entries for African American Schools in the NKAA Database.


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