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Midnight Star

The musical group Midnight Star was formed in 1976 when the members were students at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, KY. Brothers Reginald Calloway, on trumpet, and Vincent Calloway, on trombone, both from Cincinnati, Ohio, were joined by vocalist Belinda Lipscomb from Louisville, KY. Beginning in 1980, the group's first albums (The Beginning, Standing Together and Victory) were recorded using studio musicians. A full band was later added with Melvin Gentry on guitar, Kenneth Gant on bass, Bobby Lovelace on drums, and Bo Watson on keyboard. Midnight Star was the only African American group with a platinum album in 1983, thanks to the huge success of the single (and album) No Parking on the Dance Floor. The single Freak-A-Zoid was number two on the R&B charts. The group's success continued with the album Headlines becoming their third and final gold album. Later albums did not sell well, and the group broke up in 1990, the members going on to have other successful endeavors. In 1998 the group members reunited as Midnight Star, minus the Calloway brothers, and they often perform in Kentucky. For more see All Music Guide to Soul: the definitive guide to R&B and Soul, by V. Goddanov, C. Woodstra, and S. T. Erlewine; Funk, by D. Thompson; and the group's biography at the Midnight Star website. For an earlier history see Kentucky State Collegians. View the No Paking on the Dance Floor video on YouTube.

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