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Clark, John T.

(born: 1883  -  died: 1949) 

John T. Clark was born in Louisville, KY, the son of John R. and Sallie Clark. He graduated in 1906 from Ohio State University with a focus in sociology and economics. He returned to Louisville, where he was an instructor at Central High School (1907-1913).

Clark left Louisville to become housing secretary in New York City (1913-1916). He was a contributing author to the 1915 collection, "Housing and Living Conditions among Negroes in Harlem."

John Clark held a number of posts with the National Urban League and its state chapters from 1916 to 1949, including bringing the National Urban League to Pittsburgh in 1917 and becoming executive secretary of the St. Louis Urban League  in 1926.

Also a member of the American Social Workers Association, John T. Clark was elected the third vice president of the National Conference of Social Work in 1940.

For more see Who's Who in Colored America, 1933-37Who's Who in Colored America, 1950;  "The Urban League of Pittsburgh Records" at the University of Pittsburgh Library System's Digital Collections website; and Adam Lee Cilli, "The Pursuit of Happiness: Racial Utilitarianism and Black Reform Efforts in John T. Clark's Urban League," Journal of Urban History, vol. 45, issue 1, April 12, 2017, pp. 6-22.

The John T. Clark files (Series 1) of the Urban League of St. Louis Records are available at the Washington University Archives.

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