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Kentucky African American Newspapers

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Below is a list of the African American newspapers in Kentucky that are mentioned within the Notable Kentucky African Americans Database. Included are the names of editors, owners, publishers; the cities where the newspapers were published; and the dates or estimated time periods the publications existed. The list does not include magazines, journals, and other periodic publications. 

For the names and locations of the many other African American newspapers in Kentucky and other states, see the Bibliographic Checklist of African American Newspapers, by B. K. Henritze; A History of the Black Press, by A. S. Pride and C. C. Wilson II; African-American newspapers and periodicals: a national bibliography, by J. P. Danky and M. E. Hady; and other sources. There is no single source that lists every African American newspaper that existed or exists in Kentucky. New titles will be discovered with continued research.

African American Newspapers in Kentucky named within the NKAA Database.

  • Advance-Courier / Unknown / Lexington / 1885-1886
  • Afro-American Mission Herald / National Baptist Convention of the United States of America, Foreign Mission Board / Louisville / 1897-1912
  • Ambassador For Christ News / Rev. Samuel Jones, publisher / Paducah / 1982-?
  • American Baptist / William H. Steward, General Association of Kentucky Baptist / Louisville / 1878-1988
  • American Citizen / Editors: Jordan C. Jackson, Jr.; Henry Scroggins / Lexington / 1874-18??
  • Baptist Herald / Rev. George W. Dupee, owner and editor / Paducah / 1873-1878
  • Baptist Monitor /James L. Allensworth, Sr., editor / Hopkinsville / 1880s
  • Bluegrass Bugle / Edward Ellsworth Underwood, editor / Frankfort / 1898-1915
  • Bluegrass Chronicle / Edgar Wallace & Nicolas Martin / Lexington / 1978-1980
  • Bowling Green Watchman / Cyrus R. McDowell, founder and editor / Bowling Green / 1887-1892
  • Bulletin / Adams Brothers [John and Cyrus Adams] / Louisville / 1879-1885
  • Cadiz Informer / Wendell H. McRidley, editor and publisher / Cadiz / 1904-1937
  • The Champion / Editors: Horace Morris and G. W. Hatton / Louisville / 1890-1893
  • Christian Index / Editors: Henry Clay Weeden and J. W. Bell, Colored Methodist Episcopal Church / 1867-1873 (Memphis, TN), 1873-1882 (Louisville, KY), 1882-1966 (Jackson, TN)
  • The Christian Soldier / R. E. Pearson, editor and D. I. Reid, printer, Convention of the Colored Christian Churches of Kentucky / Lexington / 1872-?
  • Christian Trumpet / Convention of the Colored Christian Churches of Kentucky / Lexington / 1921-?
  • Christian Worker / Samuel J. W. Spurgeon, founder and editor / Kentucky / ?-?
  • The Colored Citizen / Daniel I. Reid, founder and editor / Lexington / 1913-?
  • The Colored Citizen / Editors: Horace Morris, John H. Mason, and Marsh Woodson, Convention of Colored Men in Kentucky / Louisville / 1866-?
  • The Colored Kentuckian / Philip H. Murry and J. P. Sampson, founders / Louisville / 1867-?
  • Columbian Herald / Dr. Percy R. Peters, editor and publisher / Louisville / 1913-1927
  • Community Voice / Donald Cordray, founder and editor / Lexington / 1987-2001
  • Edmonson Star News / Denver D. Ferguson, founder and editor / Brownsville / ?-1917?
  • Falls City News / William Warley founder and editor / Louisville / 1942?-?
  • Frankfort Clarion / Clarence L. Timberlake, owner and editor / Frankfort / ?-?
  • Frankfort Tribune / Hardin Tolbert, editor and publisher / Frankfort / ?-?
  • The Herald Tribune / Editors: Charles E. Tucker, William Warley, and Huron Clark / Louisville / 1937
  • Hopkinsville Contender / Ephraim Poston, owner and publisher / Hopkinsville / ?-?
  • Hopkinsville Globe Journal / Leonard S. Grooms, religious editor / Hopkinsville / 1936-1943
  • The Indicator / Rev. W. A. Jackson / Covington / 1907?
  • Inter-State County News / James W. Wood, editor / Lexington / 1935-1940
  • Kentuckian / Horace Morris, editor / Louisville / 1870s
  • The Kentucky Club Woman: the official organ of the Kentucky State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs / Edited by Daisy M. Saffell in 1913 / Frankfort / 1900s
  • Kentucky Missionary Visitor / Paul H. Kennedy, editor / Henderson / ?-1915
  • Kentucky Reporter / Robert T. Berry and George W. Berry / Owensboro, then Louisville / 1899-1953
  • Kentucky Standard / William D. Johnson, editor / Louisville / 1898-1912
  • The Kentucky Voice / Kathy Robinson / Paducah / 1988-present
  • Key Newsjournal / Patrice Muhammad and LaMaughn Muhammad, founders and editors / Lexington / 2004-present
  • The Lexington Chronicle / Theodore "Cal" Wallace, Sr. and Family, owners, editors, and publishers / Lexington / 1960s
  • Lexington Standard / Editors: R. C. O. Benjamin; William D. Johnson; Daniel I. Reid; Henry P. Slaughter; Wade H. Carter / Lexington / 1892-1912
  • Lexington Weekly News / Edward D. Willis, Daniel I. Reid, and Rev. A. W. Davis / Lexington / 1912-?
  • The Lincoln=Grant Herald / Miss E. Beatrice Brown, editor-in-chief / January 1913 first issue - ?
  • The Light House / T. A. Lawrence, editor / Paducah / 1908-1937
  • Louisville Columbian / Editors: L. A. Morris; W. H. Parker, Dr. P. R. Peters; Jesse B. Colbert / Louisville / 1899-1917
  • Louisville Defender / Owners: Alvin Bowman, John Sengstacke, and later Frank L. Stanley, Sr. and Frank L. Stanley, Jr. / Louisville / 1933-present
  • Louisville Leader / I. Willis Cole, founder and editor / Louisville / 1917-1953
  • Louisville News / William Warley, founder and editor; Lee L. Brown, editor / Louisville / 1913-1947
  • Louisville Weekly Planet / T. F. Cassels and Nathaniel R. Harper, founder / Louisville / 1872-1875
  • Major / Phil H. Brown, editor / Hopkinsville / 1897-1904 / Authur C. Banks, co-editor / 1898
  • Masonic Herald / Editors: W. H. Mayo; Walter T. Bradley, Jr., Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, F. & A.M. of Kentucky, Inc. / Frankfort (1914-15) / 19??-?
  • Masonic and Odd Fellows' Journal / American Citizen Printing Company / Lexington / 1876-?
  • The Messenger / S. L. M. Francis / Henderson / 1907?
  • Morning News / Phil H. Brown, editor / Hopkinsville / 1903-?
  • National Chronicle / John H. Ayres, business manager / Winchester / 1891-1915
  • The Negro Citizen / Pleasant A. Nichols, owner and publisher / Paducah / ?-?
  • New South / James E. Givens, founder and editor / Louisville / 1894-1897
  • Owensboro Publishing Company / Dr. R. F. White, Dr. R. B. Bell, Dr. R. L. Washington, Gilbert Cundiff, Richard Jackson, F. L. Simmons, incorporators / Owensboro / 1913- ?
  • The Rambler / Embry, editor / Richmond / 1901- ?
  • The Reporter / John D. Magowan and Noah W. Magowan / Mt. Sterling / 1904-1915
  • Saturday News / Phil H. Brown, publisher / Hopkinsville / 1919-1922
  • The Star Weekly / Hardin Tolbert, publisher and editor / Frankfort / 1914-?
  • The Struggler / Frank Hayes, publisher / Paducah / ? -?
  • The Suspension Press / Patricia Humpheries Fann, founder, publisher, editor / Covington / 1982-1990?
  • Torchlight or Torch Light / John Edmund Wood, owner and editor / Danville, then Lexington / 1903-1929
  • Tri-weekly Informer / Editors and Owners: Lucille E. St. Clair, Alice Dunnigan, and M. S. Kimbley / Louisville / 1939
  • Visitor / Rev. Jacob Allen Ross / Lexington / 1877-?
  • Zion's Banner / Henry Clay Weeden, editor / Louisville / ?-?

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Kentucky Place (Town or City)

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