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Duff, Washington

(born: 1829) 

In 1869, Washington Duff gave a lecture on his enslavement in Kentucky. The lecture was given in the Town Hall in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Duff's lecture included several diagrams that depicted the forms of punishment he and others had endured.

Source: "Woodstock: Slave Lecture," Jackson's Oxford Journal, 02/06/1869, p.8. Washington Duff is also mentioned in Black Americans in Victorian Britain by Jeffrey Green, pp.102-103.

According to the book author, Jeffrey Green, Washington Duff could not read or write and had left his wife in Canada when he came to England around 1859. Duff said that he was born in 1829.

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NKAA Source: Black Americans in Victorian Britain
NKAA Source: Jackson's Oxford journal (newspaper)

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