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Mobley, Melody S.

(born: 1958) Melody Mobley was born in Louisville, KY. In 1979, she was the first African American woman to graduate in forestry management from the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS). In 1977, Melody Mobley was hired by the Forest Service and was the first professional female forester in the history of the agency. She worked for the U.S. Forest Service for 28 years, and retired in 2005. Her work allowed her to travel to various states and experience cultures in Africa and South America, and she held many positions in the Forest Service. Her success came with verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, according to Melody Mobley. Read more of her story: Mobley, Melody S. "A Black woman who tried to survive in the dark, white forest," Mountain Journal online, Diversity, Forest Service, 06/18/2020; Costley, Drew. "Melody Mobley, the first Black female forester, gives back to science," American Association for the Advancement of Science (online), Member Spotlight blog, 12/08/2017; and UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Alumni Spotlight: Melody Mobley (online). 04/29/2015.

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