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Daniel, Wiley Young

(born: September 10, 1946  -  died: May 10, 2019) Wiley Y. Daniel, from Louisville, KY, was the first African American judge appointed to the federal bench in Colorado. He was a 1968 graduate of Howard University, and a 1971 graduate from Howard University Law School. Wiley Y. Daniel practiced law in Detroit, MI, and taught at the Detroit College of Law [now Michigan State University College of Law].

In 1977, Wiley Y. Daniel moved to Denver, CO, where he practiced law and taught at the University of Colorado School of Law. From 1995-2013, Wiley Y. Daniel was Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton. Wiley Y. Daniel served as the Chief Judge 2008-2013, and Senior Judge 2013-2019. Wiley Y. Daniel was the first, and to date, the only African American to serve as president of the Colorado Bar Association, 1992-1993.

Wiley Young Daniel was the son of William B. Daniel, Jr. and Lavinia T. Young Daniel.

For more see Sam Tabachnik, "Wiley Daniel, Colorado's first African-American judge, dies at 72," Denver Post, 05/11/2019; Michell P. Fulcher, "After Judge Wiley Daniel made history, he mentored young African American lawyers," Colorado Public Radio, 05/17/2019 (online); and Julia Cardi, "Wiley Daniel, First Black Colorado U.S. District Court Judge, passes away at age 72," Law Week Colorado, 05/13/2019 (online).

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