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Committee on Negro Housing [Robert H. Hogan]

In April 1931, Robert Hogan was appointed to the Committee on Negro Housing of the President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership by President Hoover and R. P. Lamont, the Secretary of Commerce. The committee was chaired by Nannie H. Burroughs. The conference was held December 2-5, 1931, in Washington, D.C.

Hogan, born 1883 in Georgia, was a contractor who lived on Fifth Street in Lexington, KY. He was one of 1,000 representative citizens from 48 states who participated in the conference. The Committee on Negro Housing, formed prior to the conference meeting, had been given the directive to advise the conference on the housing needs of Negroes.

The committee had been created because of the Great Migration of Negroes from the south to northern cities. Four years of privately-funded research were published in 1932 in Negro Housing: Report of the Committee of Negro Housing.

For more see "Lexington man named to Hoover committee," Lexington Leader, 4/10/1931, p. 20; "Committee on Negro Housing" in Organizing Black America, by N. Mjagkij"; and the Statement announcing the White House Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership, September 15, 1931" in the American Presidency Project [available online].

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