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Dowe, Jessica

(born: 1956) 

From 2003-2005, Dr. Dowe practiced medicine in Munfordville, KY, the first African American to do so; she practiced with Dr. James Middleton at the Family Medicine Clinic of Hart County.

Dr. Dowe is also one of the original board members of the Munfordville YMCA and a speaker with the American Medical Association (AMA) Minority Affairs Consortium, "Doctors Back to School," a program that encourages elementary children to consider medicine as a career.

Dr. Dowe has a number of publications and many years experience as a pharmaceutical and toxicology researcher, serving as an investigator in clinical pharmacology research for a number of companies. She has also served as Medical Services Director at the Jefferson County Department of Corrections.

Dr. Dowe has practiced medicine in Elizabethtown, KY, and serves as a clinical instructor in Family and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Louisville. She is also a charter member for the first Faith-based Recovery Program for Addiction in Elizabethtown; the program is associated with the First Baptist Church, which is led by Reverend B. T. Bishop.

Dr. Dowe was born in Alabama, the daughter of Jessie and Janie Dowe. She graduated in 1978 from Dillard University with a degree in chemistry, earned a Ph.D. in pharmacology at Howard University, and attended the University of Louisville, where she earned her MD in 1996.

This information is taken from, with permission, the curriculum vita of Dr. Jessica Dowe. Contact Dr. Dowe for more information.

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