There are more notable African Americans with Kentucky roots and ties than any one person knows about. Very little has been written about many of them and it is a challenge to find what was written in the past. For some, their stories have only been told by word of mouth. The Notable Kentucky African Americans Database (NKAA) has been developed as a finding aid to bring together a brief description of pertinent names, places, and events, and to list the sources where additional information may be found. This is not currently an all inclusive database, but we are working toward that goal and suggestions are welcomed.

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Kentucky WACs of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion

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On the Army Women's Foundation website is an alphabetical list of states with the names of African American WACs [Women's Army Corps] who were members…

Lynching in Wickliffe, KY

Friday, October 16, 1903, Tom Hall's partially nude body was found hanging in a tree in Wickliffe, KY. Hall was thought to be a man from Mississippi…