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Lakeview Point
Start Year : 2004
Lakeview Point, a lakefront bed and breakfast resort, is located on Herrington Lake in Harrodsburg, KY. The inn opened in May 2004 and has been open year-round since the second season. The owners, Dorothy "Dot" Dunn and her son Brad, are Kentucky natives. Lakeview Point is currently the only African American owned and operated bed and breakfast in Kentucky. The Kentucky Bed and Breakfast Association voted the resort's ad the best print ad. For more information see "Getting away is closer than you think at B&B," Harrodsburg Herald, 08/11/2005, section B, p. B1; view the Dot Dunn interview [#218] on "Connections with Renee Shaw," 07/14/2007, at KET (Kentucky Educational Television); and contact Dorothy and Brad Dunn at 166 Lakeview Point, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 40330 / (859) 748-8359.
Subjects: Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Inns
Geographic Region: Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky

Negro Hotels in Kentucky
Start Year : 1942
In preparation for the publication of the first Negro Handbook, compiled and edited by Florence Murray, there was a survey of Negro-owned and -operated hotels in the United States. Approximately 400 hotels were identified, including 10 in Kentucky, including the Preston Hotel in Glasgow Junction [a junction between the L&N Railroad mainline and a branch to Glasgow and a branch to Mammoth Cave]; in 1938, the name Glasgow Junction was changed to Park City. Louisville had several hotels, as well: the Allen Hotel at 2516 W. Madison Street; Knights of Pythias Temple Hotel at 10th and Chestnut Streets; and Walnut Hotel at 615 Walnut Street. The Brantsford Hotel [see Bransfords] was located at Mammoth Cave. In Mt. Sterling, the Dew Drop Inn stood on E. Locust Street. There were four hotels in Paducah: the Burlington Hotel at 48 Kentucky Avenue; the Jefferson Hotel at 514 S. 8th Street; the Washington Hotel at 805 Washington Street; and the city's oldest African American hotel, the Metropolitan, owned by Maggie Steed. For more see "Facts Concerning Hotels" in The Negro Handbook (1942), by F. Murray.
Subjects: Businesses, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Inns
Geographic Region: Glasgow Junction [now Park City], Barren County, Kentucky / Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky / Mammoth Cave National Park, Edmonson County, Kentucky / Mount Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky / Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky

Shake Rag (Bowling Green, KY)
The Shake Rag District of Bowling Green, KY, was an African American community with families, schools, businesses, and churches. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The community was settled by former slaves, families and soldiers who had fought for the Union Army during the Civil War. A large portion of Bowling Green's domestic employees lived in Shake Rag. The Southern Queen Hotel and Covington-Moses home, located in Shake Rag at 140 State Street, is still the only African-owned hotel in Bowling Green. It was built in 1906 by James Covington, and family members still live in the home. Prior to school integration, State Street High School was where African American students in Bowling Green attended school. In 2008, the 5th Annual Shake Rag Heritage Festival was held by the New Era Planning Association, an organization that is working to revitalize the Shake Rag District. For more see ShakeRag: a pictorial history from 1946 to 1967, by D. Thompson and K. R. Singleton; and the following articles from the Daily News (Bowling Green): J. Dooley, "Visitors' bureau highlights Shakerag area," 10/08/2002, News section; A. Carmichael, "Shake Rag looks toward resurgence," 08/17/2003, News section; A. Harvey, "Shake Rag's festival returns - fifth annual event pays tribute to BG's historic black area," 05/15/2008, Feature section; and B. Speakman, "Celebrating Shake Rag," 05/17/2008, (
Subjects: Communities, Freedom, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Inns, Grade Schools & High Schools in Kentucky
Geographic Region: Shake Rag (Bowling Green), Warren County, Kentucky

Steed, Maggie M.
Birth Year : 1877
In 1909 Steed, a widow, built the first hotel in Paducah, KY, owned and operated by and for African Americans: The Hotel Metropolitan at 724 Jackson Street. The list of guests who stayed at the hotel include Louis Armstrong, Chick Webb, and Ike and Tina Turner. In 2007, the Metropolitan Hotel Museum Project received $50,000 in state funds to complete the renovation of the building that will also be used as a bed and breakfast. Maggie Steed was the widow of Henry Steed who was born in Tennessee. She too was born in Tennessee and came to Paducah, KY in 1893. For more see Hotel Metropolitan: Paducah, Kentucky; and "Mrs. Maggie M. Steed" on p.211 in Golden Jubilee of the General Association of Colored Baptists in Kentucky. See also The Development of an African American Museum: anthropology and museum practices at work (dissertation) by M. D. Hernandez
Subjects: Businesses, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Inns
Geographic Region: Tennessee / Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky


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