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Columbian [Louisville Columbian] (newspaper)
Author(s)/Publishing Information: Louisville, KY

The Columbian existed from 1899-1917, according to the Bibliographic Checklist of African American Newspapers by B. K. Henritze.

L. A. Morris was the business manager of the Columbian in 1903 [source: "City Notes," Freeman, 02/22/1902, p.8].

W. H. Parker was the associate editor of the Columbian in 1909 [source: "Special to the Freeman, Louisville, Ky," Freeman, 09/25/1909, p.1].

In 1911, the Louisville Columbian newspaper editor was Dr. P. R. Peters [source: "The Louisville Columbian...," Freeman, 04/30/1910, p.2].

In 1913, the Louisville Columbian newspaper editor was Rev. Jesse B. Colbert [source: "It seems that the Louisville Columbian...," Freeman, 06/14/1913, p.3].

Location(s): University of Louisville Libraries - January 21, 1911 issue

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