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African American Schools, Freedmen Schools - Kentucky, 1866-1870
Start Year : 1866
End Year : 1870
The establishment (and support) of schools by the U.S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands from 1866-1870 was the first major, statewide effort to provide education for African Americans in Kentucky. There were more than 200 freedmen schools in Kentucky, including American Missionary Association Schools that were supported by the Bureau. The support was extended to schools that held classes in churches and rented buildings. In areas where the schools were not welcomed, the buildings were destroyed and/or the teachers were run out of town. In most of the cities where the schools were established, they were the first schools for African Americans. There were day schools, night schools, and Sabbath schools for both children and adults. Prior to the arrival of the Bureau, there were about 35 colored schools with 58 colored teachers in Kentucky. The students paid a subscription fee. For those schools supported by the Bureau, the majority of the school teachers were white women, some from northern states and associated with the American Missionary Association. The history of the overall effort, successes and failures, and the names of cities where schools were located, are all included in the [secondary source] Semi-annual Report on Schools for Freedmen: numbers 1-10, January 1866-July 1870, by J. W. Alvord. The title is available full-text online at Google Books. See also the entries for African American Schools in the NKAA Database. See also The Race to Educate: African American resistance to educational segregation in Kentucky, 1865-1910 (dissertation) by T. L. Bradley.


Freedmen Schools in Kentucky @


The list of Freedmen Schools in Kentucky, April 1866-July 1870, is available online at The spread sheets has the names of the city/town where the school was located, when the school opened, who sponsored the school, races and names of teachers, number of students, and information about the buildings. There are over 250 images of records [the primary sources] pertaining to Kentucky. For access to the records for other states click here." Be sure to take a look at the link for "Education Division." [source: "United States, Freedmen's Bureau, Records of the Superintendent of Education and of the Division of Education, 1865-1872." Images. FamilySearch. : 14 June 2016. Citing multiple NARA microfilm publications. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1969-1978.]
Subjects: Education and Educators, Grade Schools & High Schools in Kentucky, Higher Education Before Desegregation, Kentucky
Geographic Region: Kentucky

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