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Negro Motorist Green Book (serial) and Kentucky
Start Year : 1936
End Year : 1964
The Negro Motorist Green Book provided African American travelers with the names and locations of businesses that welcomed their patronage. The book was published by Victor H. Green, a postal worker in New York. The first edition, in 1936, covered metropolitan New York only. In 1937 the book was developed into a national publication that covered the United States, and soon included Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and Alaska [not yet a state]. In the 1949 issue, the following Kentucky cities were listed: Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Hazard, Hopkinsville, Lancaster, Lexington, Lincoln Ridge, Louisville, Paducah, and Paris. During the 1950s the publication title changed to The Negro Travelers' Green Book, and the title changed again to Travelers' Green Book before the publication ceased in 1964. For more information see the Negro Motorist Green Book, 1949 issue online [.pdf] at the University of Michigan; and C. Mcgee, "The Open road wasn't quite open to all," New York Times, 08/22/2010, p. C1 [online].

Access Interview The Negro Motorist Green Book, 1949 edition [.pdf], University of Michigan.

  Search the Negro Travelers' Green Book, 1956 at the University Libraries, University of South Carolina website.
Subjects: Directories
Geographic Region: United States / Kentucky

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