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Mack, Lee Nor
Birth Year : 1914
Death Year : 1985
Lee Nor Mack was a contractor who in 1965 was the first African American councilman to be elected in Shelbyville, KY since 1904. He served as a councilman from 1967-1985. He was a veteran of WWII. Lee Nor Mack Street is named in his honor. Lee Nor Mack died in Jefferson County, December 7, 1985.  For more see the announcement in Jet, vol. 29, issue 6 (11/18/1965), p. 9; and "Lee Nor Mack" by D. Puckett on pp.588-589 in The New History of Shelby County Kentucky.
Subjects: First City Employees & Officials (1960s Civil Rights Campaign), Politicians, Politics, Appointments & Elections
Geographic Region: Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky

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