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Kentucky African American Musicians in Illinois (Chicago)

Williams, Stanley Rudolph "Fess"

African American Schools in Clark County, KY

Wilson, James Hembray, Sr. (musician/band director)

Hampton, Lionel L.

Dorsey, William Henry "Billy"

Cooke, Charles L. "Doc"

Compton, J. Glover

Burdette, John

Atkins, Boyd

Parker, William C.

Mitchell, Jim "The Black Panther"

Powers, Georgia D.

Lester, Bobby [nee Robert L. Dallas]

White, Robert M. "Bob"

Kleizer, Louisa and Mary (sisters)

Mercer County African American Oral History Project [oral histories]

Herndon, James "Sweet Evening Breeze"

African American Schools in Mercer County, KY

Wayman Institute

African American Schools in Garrard County, KY


Memphis world (newspaper)

Margaret Harris oral history interviews

Gettysburg times (newspaper)

Los Angeles tribune (newspaper)

Tommie Merrit oral history interviews

A Proposed program for the reorganization of the Garrard County Schools (thesis)


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