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Jones, LeTonia A.

(born: 1972  -  died: ) 

The following information comes from the biography of LeTonia A. Jones with permission. ~ In 2014, LeTonia A. Jones was a District 8 candidate on the ballot for City Council in Lexington, KY. She was one of two African American women to ever have been on the ballot for City Council in Lexington. She was also the first out LGBT person of color on the ballot. Jones is a community service and social justice advocate, and an advocate to end violence against women and girls. LeTonia A. Jones was born in Paducah, KY and has been living in Lexington since 1994. She is a 1997 graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in psychology, and earned an M.A. in social work in 2004. For 16 years she was an anti-intimate partner violence advocate. She is currently self-employed as a mitigation specialist and anti-intimate partner violence consultant. In 2013, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray appointed LeTonia A. Jones to the Lexington Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, and she presently serves as the Commission Chair. ~ LeTonia Jones, A. J. Pritchard, and C. E. Jordan are authors of the article "A Qualitative comparison of battered women’s perceptions of service needs and barriers across correctional and shelter contexts," Criminal Justice and Behavior, July 2014, vol.41, no.7, pp.844-861. 


  See LeTonia Jones in the video recording titled Domestic Violence (#608), aired 10/22/2010 on "Connections with Renee Shaw" - Kentucky Educational Television (KET). 


   See LeTonia Jones in the video recording titled Domestic Violence (#709), aired 10/28/2011 on "Connections with Renee Shaw" - Kentucky Educational Television (KET).


   See LeTonia Jones in the video The Fierceness of Forgiveness, Part I, 07/03/2013, interviewer Amy Lombardo.



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