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Bundy, Sarah S.

(born: June 30, 1917  -  died: August 1, 1974) Sarah Bundy lived at 2715 W. Chestnut Street in Louisville, KY for much of her life. She is remembered for her leadership role in helping to establish the Girl Scouts for African American girls in Louisville, KY. Sarah Bundy was a volunteer troop leader for many years, going back to the 1940s when she organized the first African American Girl Scout Troop 108. Sarah Bundy's day job was that of a maid. In 1945 she was the maid for Harry Reed, according to the 1940 U.S. Census (Ancestry), and Caron's Louisville (Jefferson Count, KY.) City Directory, 1946-47, p.152. In 1949, she is listed in the city directory as a school teacher, then listed again as a maid in the city directories for several years.

In 1960, Sarah Bundy was head of Troop 201 that was sponsored by Mount Lebanon Baptist Church. She and Mrs. James Switzer received the Girl Scout's highest awards to adults in 1960 at the annual recognition dinner held by the Kentucky Cardinal Girl Scout Council. Sarah Bundy also served as president of the YWCA International Club. She helped organize the annual event to benefit the YWCA's World Mutual Service Fund. She was a member of the American Camping Association and the National History Society. 

Sarah Bundy was the daughter of Filmore F. and Lena L. Bundy. He parents were from Virginia, and her father supported the family of four as a hotel chef. By 1930, Sarah and her sister Caroline had been taken in by Hallie and Richard Frazier. They are listed in the U.S. Census as the Frazier's adopted daughters.

This entry was suggested by Ms. Jane Halliday, who also provided articles about Ms. Bundy's work with the Girl Scouts.


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Sarah Bundy Collection at the University of Louisville Archives.


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