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Blue Grass Colored Baseball League

(start date:  -  end date: ) Beginning In July of 1899, there was a movement to develop a Colored baseball league in "some of the principal towns" in the Bluegrass region. W. Clarence Hueston, Sr. was asked to lend his support to the project, and consider becoming the president of the league. Baseball teams in Danville, Nicholasville, and Versailles had agreed to participate, and it was anticipated that teams from the following cities would also join: Georgetown, Frankfort, Lexington, Paris, Richmond, and Winchester. The games were to be played during the months of August and September of each year. For more see "Baseball league: of Colored clubs in Blue Grass is being talked of," Leader, 07/19/1899, p.7.

Colored baseball teams in the Bluegrass area from the early 1900s to the 1950s [sources: "Colored Notes" in the Lexington Leader; and a few articles in Kentucky newspapers online at Kentucky Digital Library - Newspapers. NOTE: spelled 'base ball' in some articles.]
  • Centerville: Centerville Team
  • Danville: Corn Crackers, Cross Ties
  • Frankfort: Capital City, Crack Nine, Frankfort Team, M. W. L. Giants, Royal Giants, White Sox
  • Georgetown: Georgetown Team
  • Lexington: All-Stars, Bums, Brucetown Heavy Hitters, Chippewa Indians [Native Americans], East End Club, East End Violets, Ellerslie Avenue Team, Fort Springs, The Gem Theaters, Haddoxtown Blues, Hamburg All-Stars, Hill Boys, Lexington Goldberg, Lexington Hard Hitters, Lexington Heavy Hitters, Lexington Heavy Hitters Jr., Lexington White Sox, Lexington Reos, Loafers, Lexington Hustlers, Mechanic Street Blues, Pralltown, Smithtown Reds, Taylortown Sluggers, White Plume, Yellmantown
  • Lancaster: Lancaster All-Stars, Lancaster Colored Base Ball Team
  • Mt. Sterling: Mt. Sterling Halls
  • Nicholasville: Nicholasville All-Stars, Nicholasville Team
  • Paris: Paris Team, Paris Quicksteps
  • Versailles: Bear Cats, Versailles Giants, Versailles Minute Men


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