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Blacks Who Enlisted in Kentucky for U.S. Navy Submarine Duty During WWII

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The following is a incomplete list of the African American men who enlisted in Kentucky to serve on a Navy submarine during WWII. The names come from the book titled Black Submariners by G. A. Knoblock. This entry was suggested by UK Librarian Shawn Livingston.

  1. Joe William Green enlisted in Lexington, KY.
  2. Arthur J. Wharton, Jr. enlisted in Louisville, KY. He is a WWII veteran interred overseas. Wharton was a Steward's Mate First Class on the ship Barbel. His death date is given as 02/19/1946, and there is a monument at Fort William McKinley in Manila, Philippines.
  3. Russell Donan (1922-1992), enlisted in Louisville, KY. He was born in Edmonton, KY.
  4. Andrew Jack Pace enlisted in Louisville, KY.
  5. George E. Pogue enlisted in Louisville, KY.
  6. Louis Hill Jones enlisted in Louisville, KY.
  7. Lunie Joseph Neal enlisted in Louisville, KY.
  8. James Lee Baker enlisted in Louisville, KY and served as the first African American steward on the ship Nautilus.
  9. James Thomas McGuire enlisted in Louisville, KY.
  10. Woodrow Wilson Jones, 1918-2001, enlisted in Louisville, KY, and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Norwich, CT. He was born in Tennessee and was the husband of Flore Jones.
  11. Parkes Lee Davidson, 1909-1991, enlisted in Louisville, KY. He died in Louisville and is buried in the New Albany National Cemetery in Indiana.


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