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Kentucky Negro Officers Commissioned at Fort Des Moines, Iowa

In 1917, the Fort Des Moines, Iowa training camp became the first training camp established exclusively for Negro officers, most of whom had been civilians but also included those who were from the National Guard and U.S. Army, such as 1st Lieutenant Charles D. Young. The roster of officers is available in History of the American Negro in the Great World War, by W. A. Sweeney. Civilians from Kentucky who were commissioned officers were Harrison W. Black, Lexington; Charles C. Bruen, Mayslick; Lucian P. Garrett, Louisville; Jesse J. Green, Georgetown; Charles M. Hayes, Hopkinsville; Bush A. Hunter, Lexington; Maxey A. Jackson, [Marian] Marion; John W. Rowe, Danville; and Abram [Abraham] L. Simpson, Louisville.


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