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African American Library Directors in the USA

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The listing of African American library directors in the United States developed from an inquiry posted by Alonzo W. Hill on the listserv of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA). Alonzo Hill is a part-time librarian at Independence Township Library and a library assistant/branch manager at the Flint Public Library. Hill compiled the names and addresses received via the BCALA listserv, and in collaboration with Reinette Jones, a University of Kentucky Librarian, created a database for the entries.

Reinette Jones and Alonzo W. Hill are both members of BCALA. They will continue to collaborate on the development of the African American Library Directors Database, adding new entries and updates as they are received.

The database resides on the Notable Kentucky African Americans database (NKAA) site in order to take advantage of the structure established for a similar biographical presentation. NKAA is pleased to be able to host this unique collection of significant contributors to libraries around the United States.

Suggested corrections and new entries may be submitted to Alonzo W. Hill or Reinette Jones.

Visit the BCALA website to learn more about the organization.


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